012: Steve Gatter – The LinkedIn Expert

Steve GatterSteve Gatter is a self-employed underdog, who teaches other underdogs how to use Linkedin to acquire new customers .  Steve believes that  if you are  also self-employed, or the key person in your business, you too may be an underdog.

He is an author – having written the eBook, The Best Ever Linkedin Profile for Networking – a 12 page thriller on how to write a Linkedin profile for networking success.

The founder of Street Smart Sales Forum – an open think tank for micro business owners to share ideas and challenges about doing business in today’s internet dominated market.

His career includes residential mortgage lending, unsecured consumer loans, a couple of MLM endeavors and most recently, Underdog704.com.

He is a graduate of Wake Forest University and an advocate for underdogs everywhere.  ” Small is beautiful.  Be Defiant, outwit the giant.”

You can find out more about Steve on his website (www.underdog704.com) and of course on LinkedIn!

You can listen to Steve Gatter on Stitcher Radio and leave a review as well. Stitcher is radio on demand and is mobile friendly.