050 : Lianne Hofer – 3 Best Ways to DeClutter

Lianne Hofer

Clutter Consultant Lianne Hofer  Owner of The Clutter Consultant shares the top 3 ways to declutter an office, a home or a room. Family and friends used to ask her to help in their homes and they helped to hone the skills used with today’s clients. Lianne wants all her clients to get through their [...] Read More

049 : Steve Gatter Solopreneurs Q and A

Steve Gatter Mastermind Group Leader for B2B Solopreneurs

Joining me today is Steve Gatter Mastermind Group Leader for B2B Solopreneurs who answers 3 frequently asked questions about efficient niche marketing strategies for Solopreneurs. Here are the questions he answered: [1] Why deliver this content to a group of 6 people rather than just the two of us working privately? What I have discovered [...] Read More

048 : Petra Mayer’s Secrets to Creating Successful eLearning Projects

Petra Mayers Secrets to eLearning projects Success

Petra Mayer owner of Petra Mayer Consulting joins me to talk about the secrets to creating successful eLearning Projects.  She answers some of her most frequently asked questions: 1.Why are Online Programs so important in the businesses you serve? Online programs are a strategy for many service professionals  It’s a strategy to leverage your business  [...] Read More

047 : Ralph Henderson OmniChannel Productions Answers Your Questions

Ralph Henderson

Ralph Henderson of OmniChannel Productions answers the 3 questions he is frequently asked about his business. Ralph is a calculating risk-taker who thrives on challenging the status quo with a passion for creating marketing strategies and campaigns that yield what one can only describe as “the HRH wow factor”. Learn more about Ralph here. Here are [...] Read More

046: Dawn Nicole – Tips from the Business Expert


Secret Sauce Strategist & Chief GrowGetter, Dawn Nicole, is a National Key-Note Speaker and practicing Business Growth Expert,with a hybrid background of Corporate Leadership garnished by Creative Arts Success, spanning over 19 years! She is the creator of the business tool “What’s your secret sauce? ™”. Three questions she gets  frequently asked are 1.) Why did you leave your job to become a Business Owner? I left my career as an IT Regulatory Compliance [...] Read More

045 : Sonja Stetzler – How to Become an Expert Speaker

Sonja Stetzler

Speaking and Communications coach, Sonja Stetzler , answers the top 3 frequently asked questions she gets asked. Sonja is the CEO and founder of Effective Coaching. 3 Frequently Asked Questions How do I get rid of Speech Anxiety? Prepare and rehearse your content Use breathing exercises Map out your questions How do I Engage my [...] Read More

044: Grant Kantsios – The SEO Expert

Grant Kantsios SEO Expert Charlotte

My guest, Grant Kantsios has been working in the web and digital marketing space for over 6 years.  He has worked in a number of industries and focuses on helping companies improve their organic website traffic.  One of his main focuses is driving traffic to websites through organic SEO methods and strategies.  The ultimate goal [...] Read More

043: Empowering the Future GenHERations

Kathlyn Grasso is the founder and CEO of GenHeration

Kathlyn Grasso recently joined me on Chatting with the Experts to talk about  her passion and joy of  empowering young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow by connecting them with  female executives who could serve as their role models. Kathlyn Grasso  is the founder and CEO of GenHeration  an interactive media company for young [...] Read More

042: How Social Entrepreneurship Works! An Architect’s Journey

Chinwe Ohajuruka how-social-entrepreneurship-works-an-architects-journey

Chinwe Ohajuruka, team leader of Comprehensive Design Services CDS Housing is an award-winning architect and social entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in architecture, project management and green building. Her passion has always been to serve. In college she was nicknamed the “Architect of the Masses” because her projects always had a relevant yet difficult social [...] Read More

041 : Secrets on Protecting Your Data – Dat-A-Syst

Chad Gammon -Secrets on Protecting Your Data - Dat-A-Syst

Chad Gammons, Senior Technical Support Engineer for Dat-A-Syst LLC, joined me on today’s podcast. He is skilled at Networking, Data Management and Recovery but his primary focus for the past 5 years has been the Mac and integration. He gave me a checklist for data protection on  pcs and mac computers to share with all [...] Read More