Your Secret Sauce to Success


Dawn Nicole is a National Key-Note Speaker and a Business Growth Expert.  She is the Founder and developer of an amazing business tool called “What’s your secret sauce? ™” This tool is designed for forward thinking entrepreneurs seeking cutting edge resources to compete in a new-era of relationship building and marketing! A trademarked formula, “What’s your secret sauce? ™” […] Read More

Speaker Tips

My upcoming guest Sonja Stetzler, is a speaker and communication coach. She gives tips on how to become a better speaker . Sonja talks about engaging with your audience before you  speak and tells us that it pays to “Be Nice “ Read More

SEO versus Social Media. Which is a better marketing tool?

As a small business owner,your primary marketing activity is to attract new customers or clients to your  website.  One of the ways of doing this is through SEO or Social Media but with limited time and resources, this can be a difficult decision to make. So which do you choose? Educating yourself on the Pros and […] Read More

How to Leave a Review on iTunes and Stitcher ( Non iTunes )

If You’re Using an Apple Device or iTunes Just follow these three steps.  ( If you are using Stitcher scroll down for alternative instructions ) Step One: Click here and iTunes will open automatically (assuming you have it installed).              Step Two: Once iTunes is open and you’re on Chatting […] Read More

How To Pick A Great Name For Your Podcast

Picking a great name for your podcast is absolutely essential . Afterall, it’s the first thing anyone will see, and the first thing that could attract potential listeners. As such, the choice of name is important, and needs to follow some simple guidelines. Firstly,  the name must not be too long. A long name will […] Read More

How Podcasts Create the Audience & Grow your Business

In a day and age that is governed by technology, media, and social media, it is more important than ever to make sure your business grows and continues to reach customers. One easy way to achieve this is by starting a podcast for your website. You can talk about anything and everything related to your product, the services, […] Read More

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” Making WordPress Easier to Use

Take a look at the video below and see the new improvements that have come to the Word Press world. New and improved! Making it easier to share content! Source: WordPress › WordPress 4.2 “Powell” Read More

Why you Need an Interesting Podcast

Internet audiences will not be awed by doing the “same old thing”. One of the best ways to catch your audience attention is by doing things a little differently. Don’t just read a script or press release, but express your voice and personality with a unique podcast. Creating a podcast will help you stand out […] Read More

Why a Podcast Will Boost Your Sales

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast? There has never been a better time. With a firm commitment to podcasting you can have a show up and running that has the potential to boost your sales to the next level. Podcasting allows you to develop deeper relationships with your target market more than any other platform. People load up […] Read More

Why You Need A Podcast

Get Your Voice Heard Get discovered on ITunes! Did you know that the iTunes has over 500 million buyers searching for experts to help with  personal, business, relationship problems. This expert could be you, as  you talk about your services, products and ideas.  You could be just what they  are looking for! Start today Read More